These are the guidelines to adhere to while congregating at Begginnings

Please take a gander, and if there is any reason you disagree with them or feel uncomfortable, please speak with a Begginnings host or feel free to continue on your merry way.

  • This is a social, yet separate establishment – please be respectful and give each ensemble their space (Physical distancing 6 feet between groups)

  • Brunch, lunch and cheers only at your nook. (6 feet between tables and stay to your own space. This is not the time to join other tables.)

  • Please be aware that vaccines are mandatory.  Please have your proof of vaccination ready upon arrival (out of province accepted.) Relax and be patient, we are excited to escort you to your table from the foyer. Enjoy the atmosphere, delectable smells and warm history that is Begginnings, Brunch is supposed to be a relaxing event, let’s keep it that way.

  • Peruse and decide on what to try at We are more than happy to provide a paper version, but in an effort to eliminate the waste if you can, please use your phone.

  • Our lovely Begginnings staff are diligently working to ensure you have the best experience, and that includes your health and safety. We promise to keep our hands clean, ware polished, and the atmosphere warm and inviting.
  • Begginnings is about honouring tradition, our roots and our valley, but we have incorporated some 21st Century ideas! Please use the hand sanitizer on your arrival located at the front door and in front of the lavatory.

  • Sanitation is not only for you, we will also be doing our part. The Begginnings family will be sanitizing their hands after handling any and all dirty items.

  • We can’t wait to see you and showcase what Begginnings has to offer. You can expect the same spectacular service that you are used to, we will be presenting your hearty dishes and libations to your nook and withdrawing them during your time with us. To keep it as safe as possible, please gather all used unwanted glassware and dishware to the end of the table to be taken away. If you would prefer a different arrangement, please come to our Grab ‘n Go to order food items to go. We know our staff is wonderful, but please refrain from touching them in any way.

  • The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and it is important to know where you come from on the journey to where you are going. We look forward to hosting you and honouring our valley’s history at Begginnings.